On Oct. 4, 2017 Sod House received a Knight Grant to present The Ghost Sonata at Swede Hollow.  Through poetic dance/movement, original live music, vignettes from Strindberg’s play, and re-constructed shanty house facades set within the historic St. Paul park, Sod House Theater (SHT) will welcome audiences into an immersive experience of the immigrant community that once lived in Swede Hollow.

To create this immersive experience, SHT will collaborate with the nationally recognized Black Label Movement Dance Company (BLM), known for their wildly physical and emotional movement style. Additionally, Dan Nass, an ward-winning emerging composing artist whose contemporary compositions are described as emotionally “eerie” and “playful,” will compose the original music.

SHT Co-Founders Luverne Seifert and Darcey Engen, and BLM Artistic Director Carl Flink will lead the team as directors, and the ensemble of 10 actor/dancers will be cast from a pool of established and emerging Twin Cities’ artists.