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Tickets are free with a $5 suggested donation at the door.
August 16th at 7:00pm
The Reif Center Studio Theater
720 NW Conifer Dr. Grand Rapids, MN

About the Production

In 2005, on Aug. 28, someone broke into the Judy Garland Museum in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MN, snatched the ruby red slippers she wore in The Wizard of Oz, and fled, leaving a trail of broken glass and a single red sequin on the floor. The theft remains a mystery, but the people in the small hamlet of Grand Rapids have many theories, including the possibility that someone from their own community could be the culprit.

Sod House Theater will present a staged reading of a fictional account of the disappearance of the slippers led by Joy Dolo and Luverne Seifert, with musical composition by Ashley Hanson and Brian Laidlaw. The presentation will be performed with live music at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids at 7p and is part mystery, part travelogue, and part Coen Brothers storytelling. The play will examine how a community wrestles with the devastation of how someone from their own collective could be capable of an egregious crime against their home town.

Performers are from Minneapolis and Grand Rapids and include; Nathan Keepers, Brighid Burkhalter, Darcey Engen, Joy Dolo, Bennett Peterson, Victoria Gunderson, Jessie Siiter, Noah Solfest, Riley Stoval and Luverne Seifert. Written and devised by Sandra Struthers, Joy Dolo, Isabel Nelson, Kate McCarthy, Nathan Keepers, Tessa Dahlgren, Tate Sheppard, Isabel Enns, Nick Saxton, Emily Bierbrauer, Luverne Seifert and theater students from the University of Minnesota.