An Enemy of the People


Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People  examines how a community responds when a local doctor threatens to expose that the water it relies upon for tourism is being poisoned. It questions how far a community will go to protect their town’s secret in order to avoid financial ruin. View locations, dates, and tickets.

2018 Locations and Dates

JULY 25th at 7pm
JULY 26th at 7pm

JULY 28th
at 2pm and 7pm

JULY 30th at 7pm
JULY 31st at 7pm

AUG. 3rd at 7pm
AUG. 4th at 2pm

AUG. 4th at 7pm
AUG. 5th at 2pm

AUG. 10 & 11 at 7pm
AUG. 11 & 12 at 2pm

AUG. 16th at 7pm
AUG. 19th at 7pm

AUG. 17th at 7pm
AUG. 18th at 1pm

AUG. 22nd at 7pm
AUG. 23rd at 7pm


AUG. 25th at 7pm
AUG. 26th at 2pm